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Even a sequential comparison showed a strong decline in these metrics as Zynga's previously successful franchises lost users.
Farmville 2, Draw Something and with Friends ' branded games.
The company's overall MAU stood at 253 million down from 292 million for the same quarter last year.
This is not an easy task and requires great deal of innovation and effort.The Ville, Empires Allies, Dream Zoo and, zynga City on Tencent.A mid-core game tries to combine the engagement level of a core game with the learning curve of a casual game, to provide an engaging gaming experience to a larger user base.How Can The New CEO Help?After the publication of our whitepaper about the Gauss cyber-attack, we have been asked if there is an easy way for users to check their system for infection.The nature of the business is such that the customers tend to be fickle, and it becomes necessary to launch new games frequently to compensate for the decline in the user base of previously successful games.Zyngas stock gained around 20 after the company announced that it has hired Don Mattrick as the new CEO.Given that now Zynga is planning to focus more on mid-core games which tend to be more engaging, his experience can help.This can potentially allow for the retention of a large user base while promoting in-game purchases as the games are designed to be more engaging and users are likely to pay to upgrade, rather than drop off once the free-play scenarios are completed.
Lets take a closer look at Zyngas problems and how the new CEO might help.

August 10, 2012, 6:23.Zynga's revenues declined by about 18 compared to the the first quarter of 2012 due to lower number of monthly active users and a decline in monetization.What it needs is better games, innovation, more sustainable ways of monetizing games as well as higher focus on core gamers.Check out our complete analysis of Zynga.We also note that Zynga hasnt been able to fully leverage the mobile growth and majority of its revenues still come from desktop platform, which is a cause of worry.Microsofts, xbox division as well as, electronic Arts, but can he pull Zynga out of trouble?This can be attributed to a mismatch between their skills and a CEOs broader responsibilities of managing marketing teams, selling the product and building an efficient organization for product support.Embed them in your own posts using the.The company plans to shut down four of its games in the second quarter, including.Whats Zyngas Real Problem?In that sense, a new CEO would be a welcome change for Zynga and can help in better cost management and possibly, stimulate innovation which seems to be lacking.However, we still believe that he can complement Zyngas efforts of turning around its business.Zyngas recent quarterly results suggest that the company is really struggling and its new games havent attracted a lot of users.
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Mattrick has a great track record in heading.
The competition in the social gaming market has increased substantially and Zynga's strained relations with Facebook isn't helping.
A research study conducted by Harvard Business School professor Noam Wasserman suggests that more often than not, founders tend to step down as CEOs, as the organization grows and becomes more complex.