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An entity is considered as being subject to a clearly more favorable tax regime when: it is resident in a territory included in the Portuguese black list of tax havens; it is exempt or not subject to tax on income similar to Portuguese corporate income.
Others, acquisition cost lower than 25,000.50 0 10, acquisition cost between 25,000 and 35,.50, acquisition cost equal or higher than 35,000.50.50 0 35, taxable income rates.Group taxation In case of group taxation, the dominant company may opt to apply the limitation mentioned above taking in consideration the following: the groups net financial expenses tax deductibility will be limited to 1,000,000, regardless the number of companies within the tax group.Uncultivated community lands and local communities Local communities are exempt from CIT on income derived france poker open la grande motte from vacant land, including the income derived from the lease of the right of exploitation, from the transfer of goods or the provision of services to partners, provided that such.Municipal tax benefits It is foreseen a tax exemption of Municipal Property Tax and Property Transfer Tax (besides the other ones applicable concerning the Municipal Property Tax and Property Transfer Tax) to support the investment performed on the county area and in accordance with the.For this purpose the reinvestment must take place in the previous tax year, in the tax year in which the transfer occurs, or in the two tax years following the transfer.The changes introduced to the Participation Exemption regime are applicable to participations held at the time the 2016 State Budget enters in force (31st March 2016 being the new detention period counted as from the acquisition date of the percentage of 10 or more.This deduction is limited to 40 of the Personal Income Tax payable, with the possibility of a deduction in the two subsequent tax periods in case the annual limit is insufficient, without, however, exceeding the de minimis threshold.Any latent or unrealised capital gains or capital losses, even if accounted for in the books of the entity, will not be relevant for the purposes of determining its taxable profits.Entities out of the scope Entities subject to the supervision of the Portuguese Central Bank (Banco de Portugal) and of the Portuguese Insurance and Pension Fund Supervisory Authority (Autoridade de Supervisão de Seguros e Fundos de Pensões; and Portuguese branches of credit institutions, other financial.In this case, this option would imply the application of this regime to all the qualifying companies, resident for tax purposes in Portugal, being necessary to appoint one of those controlled companies as the responsible for the accomplishment of all the obligations arising from this.As regards investment properties, corresponding improvements and non-consumable biological assets subsequently booked at fair value, their acquisition cost is acceptable as tax deductible over the period resulting from the application of the minimum tax depreciation rate of the assets, as if they were maintained.This is your record that you have applied.Groups taxable profit individual taxable profits individual taxable losses Companies are not eligible to be a part of the tax group if they: are inactive for over a 1 year or have been dissolved; are under a special procedure of company's recovery or bankruptcy; registered.
This increase is dependent upon submission and approval of the project by the National Innovation Agency (NIA,.A).

The capital increase with the use of profits generated in the same taxable period will be applicable provided that its registration occurs until the submission of the annual CIT return of that same period.The regime is also not applicable when the non-resident entity is resident or established in another member State of the European Union or in another member State of the European Economic Area bound to administrative cooperation on tax matters equivalent to the cooperation established within.It is also possible to benefit from this tax relief without the above mentioned requirements are duly verified regarding income of shares internet casino gratis that being connected with the technical provisions of insurance companies and mutual insurances, are not, direct or indirectly, attributable to the policyholder.Resident taxpayers that are not exempt or subject to a special taxation system, engaged primarily in a commercial, industrial or agricultural activity, may opt by assessing their taxable income according to a simplified regime, if the following conditions are met: The gross annual income obtained.Income obtained by pension funds established in another EU country or in a EEA Member State (bounded to administrative cooperation on tax matters will also be exempt from CIT if they fulfil, cumulatively, the following requirements: exclusively assure the payment of retirement pensions granted fromelderly.Credit for international double taxation A tax credit regarding international double taxation is granted on the lower of the following amounts: tax on profits paid abroad; or fraction of CIT, computed before the deduction, corresponding to the income that could be taxed in the foreign.

The regime is also applicable to: capital gains obtained with the transfer of other equity instruments related to the shareholdings transferred; the capital gains obtained with the transfer of shares and other equity instruments in case of merger, division, capital contribution in which the tax.
Should it be the case, a tax credit relating to the corporate income tax paid in the country of residence of the non-resident entity will apply.