Lotto powerball plus results

If you just match a single Powerball figure, you still win a prize.
If a Powerball match is not available, picking five key numbers correctly enables you win to a prize of 1 million or 2 million in case you utilize the Power Play!
April 2019, powerball 17th April, pending, powerball 13th April, powerball 10th April.Match, x X : 5 0, winners: 0, payout per winner: .00, prize #3 III.The US Powerball Record Jackpots, on, the hugest Powerball jackpot, that presents the existing world record for lottery jackpot was won.From then, this lottery has surpassed the target of half a billion at four different times.Likewise, you can see in the top right three boxes in gray, the arrows that allow you to see the previous draw results.Match 3 plus Powerball, r334.30 706, match 3, r14.20 13,924.The Powerball presents an extra digit, selected from a different 1-26 drum.South Africa PowerBall, results, the latest PowerBall and PowerBall Plus results are available on this page.
Match 5 R185,529 1 Match 4 plus Powerball R5,809 20 Match 4 R559.60 352 Match 3 plus Powerball R251.10 887 Match 3 R10.50 17,570 Match 2 plus Powerball R10.70 13,047 Match 1 plus Powerball.50 68,825 Match 0 plus Powerball.00 110,783 Draw Date: March.
Luckily, they just needed to wait for three years, rather than coinbase deposit pending nine to realize their dreams of billion-dollar.

Some lotto enthusiasts select them particularly due to this.Powerball almost broke that record in August 2007 with a jackpot of 758.7 million.Match 2 plus Powerball, r14.00 10,530, match 1 plus Powerball,.50 60,389.In January 2016, Powerball broke the record after it bestowed three blessed winners with a jackpot prize.58 billion.Powerball: Number of Winners, payout per Winner, div1 (5 Correct Numbers PowerBall).Match.00 0 Match 4 plus Powerball R10,452 31 Match 4 R661.10 320 Match 3 plus Powerball R349.20 685 Match 3 R13.30 15,025 Match 2 plus Powerball R13.90 10,804 Match 1 plus Powerball.50 61,087 Match 0 plus Powerball.00 107,090 Draw Date: March.The biggest Powerball jackpots Powerball is perhaps the lottery that gives the opportunity to win the biggest lottery prizes in the world since it always starts from an initial minimum jackpot of 40,000,000 (a jackpot much higher than other lotteries) that increases in case.The value of the jackpot was valued at a remarkable.58 million and was split between three very fortunate ticket holders in Florida, Tennessee and California.R0.00 Div2 (5 Correct Numbers) 1 R196,614.40 Div3 (4 Correct Numbers PowerBall) 15 R8,208.10 Div4 (4 Correct Numbers) 271 R770.20 Div5 (3 Correct Numbers PowerBall) 706 R334.30 Div6 (3 Correct Numbers) 13924 R14.20 Div7 (2 Correct Numbers PowerBall) 10530 R14.00 Div8 (1 Correct number Powerball).US Powerball Lotterys Hot and Cold Numbers.Hot numbers present lottery digits that come up most often, and the frequent numbers for the US Powerball 26, 16, 41, 32 and.Each number has an equal chance of being drawn.Latest South Africa Powerball Plus Results.The lottery of the US Powerball consists of nine prize divisions and players require five winning digits from a container ranging between 1-69 as well as the Powerball to become a winner of the jackpot prize.
Players and enthusiasts keenly waited for the imposing rollover, which would eliminate the reset from the leading spots.

In 2013, an announcement was made by US Powerball that its objective was to go up to a jackpot of 1 billion by 2022.
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