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The SRO rules impose restrictions on analyst compensation, personal trading activities, and lotto nummers kiezen involvement in investment banking activities.
If a broker -dealer effects securities transactions other than on a national securities exchange of which it is a member, however, including any over-the-counter business, it must become a member of finra, unless it qualifies for the exemption in Rule 15b9-1.
Including Export Only and Parts Only items.Special Rules That Apply to Banks and Similar Financial Institutions Note: Banks, thrifts, and other financial institutions should be aware that the Commission has adopted rules that may affect them.Association of Independent Property Brokers Agents (aipba).44730 (effective August 27, 2001 66 FR 45138, and 66 FR 43080 (effective September 17, 2001).Under this rule, broker -dealers must maintain minimum net capital levels based upon the type of securities activities they conduct and based on certain financial ratios.Associated Persons (Section 3(a 18 Rule 15b7-1) The Act defines an "associated person" of a broker -dealer as any partner, officer, director, branch manager, or employee of the broker -dealer, any person performing similar functions, or any person controlling, controlled by, or under common control.Ground and Ocean Transportation to any port.If compensation is involved, the member firm must approve or disapprove the proposed transaction, record it in its books and records, and supervise the transaction as if it were executed on behalf of the member firm.In addition, Exchange Act Rules 15g-3 through 15g-6 generally require a broker -dealer to give each penny stock customer: information on market"tions and, where appropriate, offer and bid prices; the aggregate amount of any compensation received by the broker -dealer in connection with such.Duty of Best Execution The duty of best execution, which also stems from the Act's antifraud provisions, requires a broker -dealer to seek to obtain the most favorable terms available under the circumstances for its customer orders.Org New York Stock Exchange, Inc.
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With the advent of the Internet, the auto transport industry has seen an influx of new brokers, attracted by the low cost of starting a brokerage business online.37182 (May 15, 1996 61 FR 24644.Because a "book running dealer" holds itself out as willing to buy and sell securities, and is thus engaged in the business of buying and selling securities, it must register as a broker -dealer.As part of its efforts to implement these programs, ofac publishes a list of Specially Designated Nationals, which is frequently updated on an as-needed basis.We discuss some of these provisions below.Regulation ATS: Broker -Dealer Trading Systems Regulation ATS (17 CFR 242.300 et seq.) provides a means for broker -dealers to operate automated trading platforms, to collect and execute orders in securities electronically, without registering as a national securities exchange under Section 6 of the Exchange.
These include the duties to execute orders promptly, disclose certain material information (.e., information the customer would consider important as an investor charge prices reasonably related to the prevailing market, and fully disclose any conflict of interest.

A broker -dealer also has an obligation to determine customer-specific suitability.
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Under this obligation, firms must: establish and implement policies and procedures that can be reasonably expected to detect and cause the reporting of suspicious transactions; establish and implement policies, procedures, and internal controls reasonably designed to achieve compliance with the BSA and implementing regulations; provide.