Avis car rental deposit fee

Only drivers over 25 years old can subscribe to this insurance (A.L.I).
If the vehicle encounters an accident unilaterally or is stolen, it is obligatory, without changing the vehicles location, to obtain accident, theft and alcohol reports by contacting the nearest police station.Amount per day: CAR group.L.I : (additional liability insurance) cancel the financial responsibility for damage to the Avis car (CDW and TPC mandatory) A 8,00 B 9,00 C 10,00 D 9,00 F 13,00 G 13,00 H 12,00 K 15,00 L 19,00 M 17,00.In order to use our service on a daily car rental you can address to Reservation Center, or to the Reservation Service on the website, besides you can directly address to any of our offices of a car rental where you will get a detailed.Therefore, credit/limit availability of the credit/debit card (as much as total of rental and deposit fee) is required.Reservation of the vehicle model : with this option, Avis offers you to book the desired vehicle model, for the flat-rate fee per rental of: 12 euros for car groups A/B 14 euros for car groups C/D/H 16 euros for car groups F/G/K 18 euros.Amount of the excess: CAR group, collision and theft protection waiver, a 700,00.Driving license AND AGE restrictions: The A,B,N, F, I group of vehicles can be rented by those who are at least 21 years old and have a valid drivers license for at least 1 (one) year.An additional charge will be required for all drivers less than 25 years old (see extra charges).

However, in the cities and counties where the avis offices are not located, an additional fee is applied for the delivery/receipt services.Any difference in the invoice amount that may occur at the end of the lease, on the other hand, will be collected or returned, using the same credit/debit card.The return hours of the vehicle in order to close the rental agreement and determine the amount of the invoice, will be the hour of the next bingokaarten postcodeloterij september 2018 opening time of the agency.The additional weekend authorisation will be waived for all Avis Preferred members or upon presentation wells fargo deposit into another account of a valid airline boarding pass/e-ticket printout.Delivery of the car to the customer is done with a full tank of gasoline.The vehicle rental cannot be processed with a credit/debit card belonging to someone else.In addition to the rental fee, a certain amount of deposit in the amount of 50 000 KZT, depending of the brand and model of the vehicle, will be collected from the credit/debit card submitted by the customer.(Additional driver rental conditions are same as those in the Driving License and Age Restriction).For price and detailed information you can call our Reservation Center.
In case of a failure of the vehicle or support is needed for any reason, it is necessary to ask for help from the support center serving 7/24 with number.
Additional driver service: In order to ensure that the vehicle can be driven by an individual and/or individuals other than the person who rents the vehicle, it is possible to add this to the rental contract with an additional fee, providing the Drivers License information.