Apartment security deposit law texas

1) a person to whom title to property or a business interest is transferred for the sole purpose of concealing the true owner and/or the business machinations of the parties.
To take over a case from another lawyer, which must be confirmed by a written statement filed with the court.In the law of contracts, fulfillment of the obligations agreed to in a contract, with only slight variances from the exact terms and/or unimportant omissions or minor defects.The stakeholder has a duty to deliver to the owner or owners the money or assets once the.In paragraph 26 of the TAA Lease Contract, the lease language clearly states that rent will not abate under any circumstances, including a circumstance such as a flood.Stay away order.Do I have to pay rent if my residence was damaged during a disaster?If a resident unlawfully abandons the unit, the resident is responsible under paragraph 14 of the TAA Lease Contract for all rent through the end of the lease term.Generic term for any filing of a complaint (or petition) asking for legal redress by judicial action, often called a "lawsuit." In common parlance a suit asking for a court order for action rather than a money judgment is often called a "petition but technically.Under Texas Apartment Association leases, rent is still due even if the property is damaged or needs repairs, though property owners can make allowances at their discretion.The 3 day cancel is for an unsolicited sale made at your home, door-to-door type salesman.3) having taken property or a person by force.If no one is in the dwelling, an owner may enter for any of the reasons listed in paragraph 28, but must leave written notice of entry in a conspicuous place in the dwelling immediately after entering (preferably taped to the inside of the main.The same as an "intervening cause" or "supervening cause which is an event which occurs after the initial act leading to an accident and substantially causes the accident.Thus, issues or facts are discussed seriatim (or "ad seriatim meaning one by one in order.Savings and loans only make loans secured by real property from deposits, upon which they pay interest slightly higher than that paid by most banks.
Receiving payment or performance of what is due.
A written contract in which a lender who has secured a loan by a mortgage or deed of trust agrees with the property owner to subordinate the first loan to a new loan (thus giving the new loan priority in any foreclosure or payoff).

A trust which requires that all income be distributed each year and not accumulated.The placement of a prisoner hotel circus circus hotel & casino resort em las vegas in a federal or state prison in a cell away from other prisoners, usually as a form of internal penal discipline, but occasionally to protect the con- vict from other prisoners or to prevent the prisoner from causing trouble.Satisfaction of judgment.A document signed by a judgment creditor (the party owed the money judgment) stating that the full amount due on the judgment has been paid.A written offer of a specific magasin bonus islande sum of money made by a defendant to a plaintiff, which will settle the lawsuit if accepted within a short time.The state in which a person has his/her permanent residence or intends to make his/her residence, as compared to where the person is living temporarily.Payment for support of an ex-spouse (or a spouse while a divorce is pending) ordered by the court.A sublease may be prohibited by the original lease, or require written permission from the owner.The owner can also terminate the lease if the premises are totally unusable.State of domicile.Such "state action" gives the person whose rights have been.Possible financial loss or expenses claimed by a plaintiff (person filing a lawsuit) which are contingent upon a future occurrence, purely conjectural or highly improbable.
The action of a court, clerk or commissioner in scheduling a trial or hearing.
A joint venture, and thus a syndicate, is much like a partnership, but has a specific.